Re: [SI-LIST] : SI openings at Stratus else delete -- OBJECTIONS ...

Al Barber ([email protected])
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 15:08:47 -0800

Murali Raj wrote:
> This is absolutely outrageous.

Hardly. It's quite aligned with the topic of this list. The strongest
objection I can raise is that I would prefer a shorter post with a
pointer to details.

> I strongly object to this.

If you object so strongly, I have to wonder why you quoted 100% of the
offending post and cc'd the whole list with it.

> Its people like you who give the web a bad name.

No, the net has a reputation for flaming even the mildest breach of
etiquette. You've just contributed to it. The strength of this flame
leaves no headroom for commenting on TRULY offensive behaviour.

Al Barber