[SI-LIST] : Job Postings on si-list

Ray Anderson ([email protected])
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 14:59:05 -0800 (PST)

Time out for a few seconds for a couple of comments on job postings
on si-list ......

The list policy for the past several years relative to
job postings on si-list has been:

1. Job postings by "head hunters" and HR departments are
discouraged. There are more appropriate venues for those
sort of commercial activities than our technical forum.

2. Occasional job available postings by SI professionals
looking to augment their staff are permissible on a limited
basis. Limited basis means that a tasteful "ad" is posted
only on an occasional basis, and all follow-ups are
off the list.

Noting that there are presently in excess of 900 subscribers on
si-list it is obvious that the above policy has the potential to
become problematic to the list if everyone chose to post a job
opportunity at the same time. However, this is highly unlikely,
and to date, with very few if any exceptions, the list members
have been very judicious with their utilization of the list resources
as a recruiting mechanism.

So, unless the practice becomes a problem, or the majority of the
list users protest, I don't see any problem with the occasional
recruitment post by SI professionals.

With a group as large as the si-list subscribership it is nearly
impossible to please everyone on all issues. To those who take exception,
my apologies.

Soap Box mode off .....

We now return to our regularly scheduled technical discussions.

Ray Anderson

Sun Microsystems

si-list administrator