[SI-LIST] : Backplanes, connectors, cables - Simulating?

Wade H. Nelson ([email protected])
Fri, 6 Feb 1998 14:25:59 -0600

What tool(s) are you or others in your firm using to simulate signals
passing through connectors, over cables or through backplanes to other
boards? HSPICE? Quad? None?

Where's the pain with this approach (other than obtaining driver models....)?

We're doing some market research for AMP related to enhancing their
AMPpredictor tool and we would like to hear from anyone doing
chassis/backplane/interconnect design & modeling.

Like also to speak with anyone who has test-driven the AMP tool and can
offer feedback, desired improvements, etc. Current list includes ease of
use, improved skin effect
modeling at 1Ghz, etc. Now's your chance, AMP's really listening.

Drop me an email with your phone # to [email protected] & let's chat.



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