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The following announcement was just posted on NEC-LIST
(Numerical Electromagnetic Code). It looks like the
symposium will have several sessions related to various
modeling topics of interest to SI people in addition to
some good stuff on antenna modeling.

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Subject: NEC-LIST: Short Courses in Applied CEM
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Advanced Modeling in Applied Computational Electromagnetics

A Three-Day Symposium of Short Courses and Workshops

September 28-30, 1998

The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel, State College, Pennsylvania

A continuing and distance education service of the College of
Engineering in cooperation with the Applied Computational
Electromagnetics Society

The list of topics spans the spectrum of numerical modeling techniques
from the venerable Numerical Electromagnetics Code (NEC-MoM) thin-wire
program to the application of wavelets and genetic algorithms in CEM.

Courses and Workshops offered include:

What's New in NEC? A Hands-on Workshop with Coverage from the Origins
of NEC to NEC-4, NEC-WIN-Pro, GNEC, and Beyond
September 28-29
Richard W. Adler, James K. Breakall, Gerald J. Burke

A Tutorial in Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD)
September 30
Raymond J. Luebbers

Applied Computational Electromagnetics using MATHCAD, MATLAB, and
September 28-30
Jovan Lebaric and Robert L. Vitale

The Transmission-Line Modeling Method and its Applications
September 28-29
Christos Christopoulos

Practical Genetic Algorithms
September 30
Randy L. Haupt

Isoparametric, Curvilinear Modeling for Computational Electromagnetics
September 28-30
Simon P. Walker

Selected Topics in Computational Electromagnetics
September 28-29
Edmund K. Miller

A Complete Theory of Antennas as Transmitters, Receivers, and Scatterers
September 29-30
Robert M. Bevensee

Modeling Interference in Wireless Commuinications
September 28-30
Ray Perez

Efficient Ray-Tracing Techniques for Mobile Communications
September 30
Manuel F. Catedra

Fast Solvers of Maxwell's Integral Equations
September 28-29
Marek Bleszynski and Elizabeth Bleszynski

Wavelets: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
September 30
Andrew K. Chan

For detailed information, including course fees and registration
information, please visit the symposium WWW site:


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