[SI-LIST] : HSPICE to QUAD models

Mark Nass ([email protected])
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 19:29:29 -0800

I have generated some QUAD models using HSPICE generated data. I used
the SPI2MOD program and have found some problems and wanted to know if
anybody has a similar experience, or a better method.
I got my rise/fall data, vol & voh data. With SPI2MOD I generated a
PVPT QUAD model. Then I ran the model in QUAD connected to the same
pullup resistor I had used to generate the HSPICE data with, connected
directly to the buffer. The two wave forms were different, by a lot.
The two solutions I came up with were

1.) Take the Time & voltage data generated from the HSPICE run and adjust
the time zero to be right at the time when the output buffer starts
turning on. As opposed to when SPICE time zero started, which is on the
input side of the buffer with a PWL model.

2.) Use the 10290 option when generating a model. This seemed to be a more
accurate model, and didn't require any data manipulation.

Any comments?

Mark Nass