[SI-LIST] : IBIS User Group Sub-Committee

Paul Galloway ([email protected])
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 09:14:22 -0800


As many of you are aware there have been two sub-committees formed at
the IBIS Group Meeting. The definition of these are listed below, as
outlined at the User Group. While these are still in the formative
stages I would like to invite anyone interested in participating in
sub-committee #2 to contact me. The only requirement is an interest or
a need to use IBIS/behavioral models for signal integrity analysis.
of participation and amount of time devoted depend only on you.

Exact definition of what sub-committee #2 should address is still open
so if you have specific issues this is an opportunity to make them
to a larger audience. While it's useful to be physically present at the
User Group meeting (next one at Stratus in Marlboro, Mass.), it's not
absolutely critical.

1) IBIS model validation/accuracy - how to construct a standard
for valid models useful in system applications, how they are
under different loading and termination conditions, etc.
headed by Greg Edlund, DEC. ([email protected])

2) Software aspects of IBIS as it affects the user community -
IBIS to SPICE, SPICE to IBIS, syntax and documentation, materials
for education & Standardization, etc.
headed by Paul Galloway, Cadence Design ([email protected])

Paul Galloway
Sr. Spectrum Services Mgr
Cadence Design Systems