[SI-LIST] : "Picket Fence" (Via Fence) for increasing isolation between

Elya B. Joffe ([email protected])
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 18:46:48 +2

Dear Members,

I am involved in a project where we must apply the technique of
"Picket Fence" (Via Fence) for increasing isolation between
conductors on a PCB.

I cannot find any refercnes (papers, books, etc.) on that issue. Are
you familiar with anything on that issue? The problem, basically, is
- how much isolation can we get between conductors embedded between
ground planes, or between ground and power planes, when they are
"isolated" by a "picket/via fence".

If you have come across such material, or references, I would be
grateful if you could refer me to them. I have gone through the
"classics" and could find nothing there, and I need some references
for the work we are involved in...

Elya B. Joffe - EMC Engineer