[SI-LIST] : AGP Buffer strengths

Rick Tan ([email protected])
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 15:59:10 -0800

Has anyone looked at the strengths of AGP Buffers?

Since AGP is a point to point bus, shouldn't the drivers be a lot weaker
than they are currently?

Looking at the specs, it seems that AGP buffers are 75% the strength of the
weakest PCI 3.3 buffers, and 55% the strength of the strongest PCI 3.3

Simulating a AGP bus 9.6 inches long (5.6 on the motherboard, and 4 on the
add-in card) with the strong AGP drivers causes tremendous overshoot and
undershoot (this is with the minimum clamping currents).

Rick Tan (408) 974-1062