[SI-LIST] : Guard banding

Istvan Novak ([email protected])
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 20:20:23 -0500


Without claiming that the list is complete, here are some of the
publications on crosstalk reduction that I am aware of. Many of them
actually deal with grounded traces to reduce crosstalk, some include
comparison with measured data.

Istvan Novak

Y.-C. Jeong, C.-C. Park, L.-S. Kim, "A new crosstalk compensation method =
line inversion TFT-LCD's," IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Par=
I: Fundamental Theory and Applications, Vol.44, June 1997, pp. 552-555.
L. Lu, V. Ungvichian, "An Optimization Technique to Minimize Crosstalk i=
Multi-Layered and Multi-Microstrip-Line Board of High Speed Digital
Circuits," Proceedings of the 1996 EMC Symposium, Santa Clara, August
19-23, pp. 442-447.
J. C. Coetzee, J. Joubert, "Full-Wave Characterization of the Crosstalk
Reduction effect of an Additional Grounded track Introduced Between Two
Printed Circuit Tracks," IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I:
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T.R. Gazizov, "Computer Simulation of EM Coupling in Interconnects of a
Double-Layered Dielectric PCB: Parallel Lines on One Side of the Layer,"
Proceedings of the 1996 Wroclaw EMC Symposium, pp. 230-234. (Crosstalk
compensation by double-layered dielectric)
W. P. Liao, F. L. Chu, "Structure compensation for reduction of the
interline crosstalk on high-speed high-density PCB," Proceedings of the
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M.-K. Kim, "Crosstalk Control for Microstrip Circuits on PCBs at Microwav=
Frequencies," Proceedings on the 1995 International Conference on EMC, pp=
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Circuit Boards with Additional Centre Traces," Proceedings of the 1994 EM=
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B. Eged, F. Mernyei, I. Nov=E1k, P. Bajor, "Reduction of Far-End Crosstal=
k on
Coupled Microstrip PCB Interconnect," presented at the Instrumentation a=
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Centre Traces," Proc. of IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology=

Conference, Irvine, CA, May 18-20, 1993.
J. P. K. Gilb, C. A. Balanis, "Coupling Reduction in High-Speed,
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J. B. Marshall, R. B. Linville, "Explanation for the Dual Dielectric
Phenomenon in Differential Crosstalk Control," 21st International Wire an=
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