Re: [SI-LIST] : Signal Integrity of 500 MHz on PCB

Fred Townsend ([email protected])
Thu, 06 Nov 1997 08:30:52 -0800

Cheah, your question is like asking "Can man land on the moon?". The
answer is yes but not without a lot of competent engineering. There are
many factors, such as impedance, trace length, and shielding that must
be carefully managed. In short, it is not really the sort of question
that can be answered in e-mail.

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[email protected] wrote:
> Hello,
> I would just like to check with anyone who has done any discrete components
> design
> that uses 500 MHz clock. This translates to a 2ns period and a risetime
> of less than
> 0.5 ns. Does anyone know if this high speed design will work on a normal
> 8 layer
> FR4 board or any suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated. We did
> ran some
> simulation using PNC signal integrity and apparent it did not show very
> optimistic results.
> Thanks in advance.
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