[SI-LIST] : Authors Wanted

Ronda Faries ([email protected])
Tue, 28 Oct 97 13:55:15 -0800

Printed Circuit Design magazine is looking for PCB/MCM/PLD engineers
and designers who are interested in submitting articles/papers for
publication in PCD.

To get an idea of the type of articles we generally publish, please
take a moment to look at the 1998 Editorial Calendar reproduced at the
end of this message. If you have already authored articles or papers
(must be non-commercial in nature) that match any of the issue focuses
or articles listed in our calendar, I urge you to submit them to PCD
for consideration.

To receive a our Author's Guidelines brochure, our 1998 Editorial
Calendar and a recent issue of PCD, please e-mail your request to
[email protected] You must supply your name, company, mailing address,
phone, and fax number. To submit article abstracts and/or papers,
please e-mail them (as attachments in .TXT or MS-Word .DOC format) to
[email protected] or fax to 770-952-6461.

We're also implementing several new columns and departments in 1998
that require contributions. "Rise Time" will feature advanced design
tips by a rotating panel of high speed design experts. "Manager's
Workshop" will feature solutions to actual project and personnel
management problems submitted by a rotating panel of engineering
managers. "Ask PCD" will publish our readers' toughest design
questions and provide answers supplied by industry experts. "Tips"
will publish reader/user-submitted Windows 95/NT and EDA software
tips. Contact [email protected] to submit content for these new columns
and departments.


Articles: * Ground plane integrity * Intersystem connectors * Ground

FEBRUARY Focus: Emerging Technologies
Articles: * Small packaging * Micro vias * Virtual prototyping
* WWW and EDA

MARCH Focus: High Speed
Articles: * Controlled impedance * Coupling * Crosstalk

APRIL Focus: Data Exchange
Articles: * Internal vs. external * Constraint management

MAY Focus: Simulation/Analysis
Articles: * Signal integrity * Thermal * Timing

JUNE Focus: Programmables
Articles: * New PDL technologies * PLD design software review
* PLD market report

JULY Focus: RF and Microwave
Articles: (new focus topic...open to article suggestions)

Articles: * Virtual prototyping * Test methods * Design for assembly
* Methodologies

SEPTEMBER Focus: Time to Market
Articles: * Design tips for reducing TTM * Project management and TTM

OCTOBER Focus: Libraries
Articles: * Models * Component information * Creation & maintenance
* Central vs. multi-library systems

NOVEMBER Focus: Hardware
Articles: * Computer systems * Printers and plotters * Monitors

DECEMBER Focus: Software
Articles: * PCB layout tools * Schematic capture tools * Routers
* Integrated systems

Please circulate a copy of this e-mail in your office. I look forward
to hearing from you or one of you colleagues!

Ronda Faries
Senior Editor
Printed Circuit Design
[email protected]
Voice 770-563-0127
Fax 770-952-6461