Re: AW: [SI-LIST] : Burst noise simulation

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Fri, 19 Sep 97 12:23:24 -0700

Do you mean the burst portion of the EN61000-4-4 specification?
(Susceptibility to Electrical Fast Transients and Burst)

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Subject: AW: [SI-LIST] : Burst noise simulation
Author: Non-HP-Bernhard.unger ([email protected]) at
Date: 9/19/97 5:35 PM

coming back to my office, I noticed my question regarding BURST
simulation caused some confusions. Sorry.
Here my definition of BURST:
BURSTS are groups of voltage spikes (0.5-2kV / Tr=5ns / Tf=50ns) coupled
on supply- and datalines caused by e.g. electrical engines and power
switches. I does'nt thought about burst noise of resistors a.s.o..