[SI-LIST] : Books (Montrose, Johnson)

Lisa Schaertl ([email protected])
Fri, 12 Sep 97 10:45:00 EDT

Re: your request for ISBN numbers and ordering information:

Printed Circuit Boards Design Techniques by Mark Montrose
ISBN 0-7803-1131-0
available (among other places ) from "SMT PLUS" ($59.95 plus shipping -
www.smtplus.com or call 418-438-6116)

High Speed Digital Design- a Handbook of Black Magic by Howard Johnson
ISBN 0-1339-5724-1
available (among other places) from www.amazon.com ($59.00 plus shipping;
they also have Mark Montrose's book). We were also able to order this book
from our local FYE book store.

Mark Montrose will present signal integrity seminars based on his book in
San Diego and San Jose in October, sponsored by Xynetix.

L. Schaertl
Xynetix Design Systems

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Do any of you out there have the ISBN numbers and ordering information

Printed Circuit Boards Design Techniques by Mark Montrose
High Speed Digital Design("Black Magic") by Howard Johnson


Richard Mellitz, NCR