[SI-LIST] : skin effect and transmission line simulators

Chris Simon ([email protected])
Thu, 4 Sep 1997 11:36:06 -0600

I am looking for a time domain lossy transmission line simulator for
digital signals with bit rates of 1Gbit/sec and higher. I would like to
get information on simulators that you have experince with.

The simulator I'm looking for should include all of the following:
1. The results can be viewed in the time domain.
2. Transmission line models that include series resistance and
inductance which are functions of frequency to ACCURATELY model skin
effect. (i.e., a frequency dependent line model that is used to get time
domain simulation results)
3. SPICE CMOS models and/or IBIS type non-linear models can be used
as drivers and receivers
4. Arbitrary driver data patterns can be used (i.e., not limited to
repetative signals)

There is one other criteria, but I'm not certain that this one is required
for signals with 150 to 200 pSec rise and fall times. Any opinions?
5. Includes the effect of dielectric losses.

I am aware of several products that claim to meet these critria. Upon
close inspection several of the lossy line models didn't really meet number
2. This seems to be the tough one.
I am going to take a detailed look at Microwave Design System (MDS) from
Hewlett-Packard, although someone told me that the current version doesn't
meet number 3 above.
I would be interested in hearing which of the above criteria are met by
other tools, or whether a future revision will incorporate these features.
If you know how the following tools stack up, especially with regard to
number 2, I would appreciate hearing from you.
Quad Design, Quantic, Interconnectix/Mentor Graphics, Pacific Numerix,
Cadence SigNoise, ApSim/Contec, EMC-workbench, others?

Chris Simon

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