RE: [SI-LIST] : Regular Full-time Technical Positions

Peterson, James F ([email protected])
Tue, 26 Aug 1997 08:08:15 -0400

I agree with Dr. Sayre, but only to some extent. It would be unfortunate
if job recruiting dominated our correspondence - but that is currently
not the case. This group's focus should be signal integrity issues. But
this not only means spreading the word in the industry. It can also mean
spreading the talent. If a company has a need for a SI Engineer then
this is the place to find one. As long as the subject section on the
e-mail indicates job recruiting then we can always delete it. It's kind
of like reading the newspaper without going to the classifieds.

>From: Dr. Edward P. Sayre[SMTP:[email protected]]
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>To: Shawn Drumgo
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>Subject: Re: [SI-LIST] : Regular Full-time Technical Positions
>This is professional technical interest group. It is not suitable for your
>commercial recruiting. I personally will delete your message coming into my
>organization and I recommend my fellow signal integrity professionals to do
>the same.
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