Re: [SI-LIST] : Eastern IBIS Kickoff Meeting Sept 18

Arpad Muranyi ([email protected])
Fri, 22 Aug 97 12:51:00 PDT

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Dr. Sayre,

In order to determine whether I should attend, it would be good to have a better
idea of what the proposed topics are, or the agenda is. Could you give us a
better idea about what will happen in this meeting?

Also, are you soliciting for papers, presentations, or is this EMAIL an
announcement only?


Arpad Muranyi
Intel Corporation

Daer Feelow IBIS'ers:

Mark your calendars for September 18, 1997!!! North East Systems
Associates, Inc. (NESA) will be the sponsor of an East Coast IBIS meeting on
September 18, 1997. NESA is located at 636 GREAT ROAD (RT 117) in Stow, MA.
As a locator, NESA is west of Maynard about 5 miles and 3 miles east of

In attendance will be Bob Ross of the IBIS forum. He is in town to present a
paper at the PCB Design conference and is in full agreement that we need
more participation and activites on the East coast. This a day that he can
meet with us.

This meeting will be the kickoff for IBIS professional activites. We at
NESA see a real need for interaction by area signal integrity engineers to
assess the tools, techniques and device descriptions (especially - packaging
and connectors, and parasitic elements). This meeting will set the tone and
meeting frequency of this IBIS activity.


Ed Sayre

P. S.: I would like to get a good estimate of how many will be coming so I
can gauge where to have the meeting in the immediate area if the number of
participants is too large for our office conference space. e-mail response
is preferred.

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