Re: [SI-LIST] : Teaching SI

Ray Anderson ([email protected])
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 15:37:40 -0700

> Melinda, hi
> The timing and the quality of the signal is a serious problem in the
> computer industry.
> I remember one book by the title of "computer circuits electrical design"
> which is suprisingly about signal integrity (although the title does
> not carry the words signal integrity). For some reasons I did not record
> the author of the book, but the call number is TK 7888.4 P65 1995 is
> at University of Toronto.
> Good luck
> Fethi Bellamine

Actually the book (ISBN 0-13-213471-3) is by Ron Poon, formerly at Sun
and presently at Cisco I believe.

Lots of good practical SI stuff. A good complement to Johnson's
"Black Magic" book.

Ray Anderson
Sun Microsystems