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Melinda Piket-May ([email protected])
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 09:39:29 -0600 (MDT)

If you are not interested in education delete this message now.

I am an engineering professor at the University of Colorado at
Boulder. I will be teaching two signal integrity type classes this
year and would value any input those of you in the field would care to

Fall 97

I will be teaching a senior / early grad class in computational
engineering, with an emphasis on electromagnetics. The students will
be working on teams doing case studies of sorts. I will be the
'manager' of the project, but they will be responsible for a lot of
the development. I plan to take them through a proposal type process,
preliminary review, critical review and final report / presentation
... in addition to the technical material. The updates of their work
will be available on a web page I can check at any time.

The students will be using a beta version of a Finite Difference Time
Domain solver and / or HFSS to do some of the studies.

A sample topic I might assign is understanding distribution networks
at high speeds, limitations , etc. This is simply a computational
class based on my resources here. The students will be doing
background work in PDE's, numerical analysis, transforms etc... but
the project will be the main focus. I am teaching in an HP workstation

I will be pulling some topics off the discussion pages of the SI-list.
I would very much like to have the students do relevant topics of
interest to someone, ideally if any of you have a topic you are
interested in I am willing to have students work on it 'for credit'
and for a small amount of mentoring you may possibly pick up info
about something you have been interested in but not had time to look
at. The students will prepare a final report as well as turning the
work into a 'paper' format (concise). It would be great if a few of
them (with their mentor) could submit a paper based on their work.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
If you are interested I would be happy to talk with you further.

Spring 98

Upper grad level course in High Speed Digital Design .. using
Johnson's black magic handbook as a text. I am open to ideas here!

Thanks for the help.



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