[SI-LIST] : 2 great Signal Fidelity positions open at Stratus!!!

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Fri, 8 Aug 97 18:04:31 -0400

My name is Steve Mango and I am the hiring manager of the Analog and
Signal Fidelity Group at Stratus (a fault tolerant computer designer) in=

Marlboro, Ma. I have 2 open positions for signal fidelity engineers to
join my fast-growing team. My group must solve many high-speed
technical challenges as we push clock speeds >100MHz. I am looking for
both less experienced and well seasoned signal fidelity engineers to
broaden my group. =

* Help define/diagnose/solve complex signal fidelity problems (clock
generation/distribution, interconnect design, timing, termination,
decoupling, power/ground distribution, package/connector selection,
etc.). =

* You should have at least 1 year experience in field (signal fidelity
and analog issues related to high speed digital design and/or analog
circuit design) for the junior/entry level signal fidelity position.

* If you have several years experience in this field, you can fulfill my=

senior signal fidelity position. =

* Below is a description of the "ideal" experience for the senior level
signal fidelity position. The entry level person will naturally have
experience in a subset of the following:

* You should have hands-on experience with modeling and simulating with
Quad Design tools (MOTIVE, XTK, TLC), SPICE (PSPICE and HSPICE),
electromagnetic field solvers (Greenfield, Pacific Numerix, Maxwell 3D,
etc). Candidate should be familiar with high speed board interconnect
routers (Allegro and CCT router preferred). Experience with
Interconnectix is a plus. Candidate should also be familiar with high
speed test plan development, test measurements techniques and lab
equipment (HP and Tektronix). Experience with current high speed
processors and multiple logic families is desirable. Other pluses are
experience with custom ASIC cell design, PCI Bus, SCSI bus, and
web-based documentation.

=2E Education: BS degree minimum.

It s an exciting time here at Stratus. Come Join our team. =

Signal Fidelity Rules - Finally!!!!

Please call me at (508) 490-6231
Or email me at: [email protected]