Re: [SI-LIST] : Clock chip supply voltage

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Item Subject: [SI-LIST] : Clock chip supply voltage

It would seem that a simple diode from the 3.3 with a decoupling cap from the
2.4 side will do the job. The diode drop should remain fairly constant with a
reasonable current variance.

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Subject: [SI-LIST] : Clock chip supply voltage
Author: Non-HP-Kazi.hassan ([email protected]) at HP-ColSprings,shargw5
Date: 7/18/97 3:40 AM


I am using a motorola clock chip to generate
a # of differential clock signals to drive a
# of devices on my PCB. I want the Vcc of the
clock chip to be 2.4V. But the reference VDD
planes I have on the PCB are 1.9V & 3.3V.

What is the best way to generate the 2.4V for
the clock chip considering it's a very high
speed PCB ?

Thanks in advance.