re:animation program to show travelling wave

John Fessler ([email protected])
21 Apr 97 13:02:01 EDT

A good 3D FDTD (finite-difference time-domain) code should be able to provide
you the capability you need. In some cases, the FDTD code would create the
snapshot of the fields at various times which you could then use a graphics
with animation to visualize the results. Another advantage of this technique
is that at the same
time it can compute the radiated fields from the structure you are modeling for

An alternate solution which Henri Merkelo has demonstrated in the past is the
Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) method. What I saw was a 3D TLM method solution
for the transmission line fields which again were subsequently displayed by an

John Fessler

>I have seen a demostration by Henri Merkelo, Professor of U of Illinois,
>during a symposium and it showed an excellent animation on reflection on
>wires, PCB tracks, etc.. The program is CPU intensive and I don't
>believe it can run on a PC. I don't think it is for sale either.
>You may contact Henri at [email protected] I have talked to him
>on some other problems and he was very helpful. Just keep in mind that
>he is very busy as well.

>Norman Wong
>Nortel, Wireless Networks
>[email protected]

> Hi,
> I study SI problems on PCB board level. I am interested in studying the
> behavior of wave travelling on a wire and reflected because of impedance
> mismatch.
> It is great helpful to have a visual aid,an animation program on PC, to
> show wave's travelling.
> Can anyone provide me a informatin/point for any animation programs to
> show
> wave travelling on a wire -- reflection due to impedance mismatch?
> Thanks in advance.