Re: animation program to show travelling wave

Farrokh Mottahedin ([email protected])
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 09:27:41 -0700

A few years ago Tektronix provided a very useful application demo
diskette called TEKAPI. It showed not only the effects of waves
traveling on wires, but other high-speed design considerations such as
ground bounce, crosstalk, and metastability.


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Subject: animation program to show travelling wave
Author: johnlin <[email protected]> at SMTP
Date: 8/28/96 11:58 AM

I study SI problems on PCB board level. I am interested in studying the
behavior of wave travelling on a wire and reflected because of impedance

It is great helpful to have a visual aid,an animation program on PC, to
show wave's travelling.

Can anyone provide me a informatin/point for any animation programs to
wave travelling on a wire -- reflection due to impedance mismatch?

Thanks in advance.

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