Joint Technical Societies, Nepcon West, L.A. Area

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Wed, 12 Feb 97 11:27:20 PST

IMAPS Orange Chapter Presents the Joint Technical Societies Meeting

Speaker: Robert Manning,
Topic: Mars Pathfinder, NASA/JPL

Location: Holiday Inn MainGate, 1850 Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, Ca
Date: Wednesday, 26 February 1997
Time: Dinner & Program 6:00 PM
$20.00 - Please RSVP by 21 Febuary , $25.00 At the door

The Mars Pathfinder mission is the first return to the surface of our sister
planet since the Viking missions landed in the late 1970*s. Just recently
launched, Pathfinder will arrive on the fourth of July this year. Once on
the surface, the lander will perform imaging and weather experiments, and
deploy a small six-wheeled rover that will explore the local geology. This
talk will focus on the mission and the science objectives of Mars
Pathfinder, and on the many technical challenges in designing and developing
a low cost lander.

A graduate of Whitman College and Caltech in Math/Physics and
Electrical Engineering, Rob Manning has been extensively involved in JPL*s
interplanetary spacecraft electronics and attitude controls systems design
for the past 16 years. He is currently Chief Engineer for the Mars
Pathfinder Spacecraft, overseeing most of the technical aspects of it*s
design and development.

This, the seventh Joint Technical Societies Meeting, is an opportunity
during the Nepcon Week West for members of different societies to get
together away from the busy convention. Non-Members are encouraged to come
and find out about the many different societies. IMAPS President Jim
Drehle will talk about the recent merger of the IEPS and ISHM organizations.
In the past the following societies have been represented (in no particular
ASME, CCA, MEPTec, and others.

For reservations or information please contact:
Misri Lal @ 714-447-2561

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