Board-Level Design Engineer Position at Silicon Graphics

Heinz Blennemann ([email protected])
Thu, 2 Jan 1997 15:28:40 -0800

Silicon Graphics has a new open position in its Mountain View
headquarters for a board-level design engineer. This Member of
the Technical Staff will perform digital design, schematic entry,
signal timing analysis, signal integrity analysis & simulation,
and board-level bringup.

This position requires a BSEE degree or equivalent, plus 3 or
more years directly related work experience. An MSEE degree is
preferred. The successful candidate will have experience with
high-speed digital logic board design, knowledge of board-level
transmission line analysis, and the capability of designing high-
speed clock distribution and fast bus interfaces. Knowledge
of graphics and/or image processing and ASIC design is not
required, yet is a plus.

To apply for this position, email resume to [email protected],
fax to 415-933-0980, or call Carol Anne Bishop at 415-933-5926.
Silicon Graphics is an equal opportunity employer.
Principals only, please.


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