Survey of Comp. Electromagnetics Professionals

Lloyd Alexander ([email protected])
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 10:21:50 -0600

We are currently conducting an internet-based market survey of
professionals that use Computational Electromagnetics tools. Because
this is an area in which members of this newsgroup obviously have a
strong professional interest, I would like to invite you to participa=
in this survey.

You can find the survey at the ICEMES home page,

Also posted at the site is a technical paper describing ICEMES in mor=
detail. It takes an average of 15-20 minutes to complete the survey.

The survey is being conducted in conjunction with research funded by =
US Air Force. ACES and IEEE/EMC are helping to distribute the survey =
including links to this site on their web pages. The survey is also
included, in print form, in the current issue of the ACES newsletter.=
exploring the needs and wants of potential users of advanced CEM
analysis tools, we intend to compile information about:

=B7 the rate of adoption of advanced CEM analysis tools by different
segments of commercial industry
=B7 external trends and influences that will accelerate/retard the
adoption of CEM analysis
=B7 suitability of currently available CEM software to the needs of
commercial industry
=B7 directions of improvement in CEM tools.

Note: When the survey is complete, both ACES and IEEE/EMC will rece=
a summary of the results. However, ACES and IEEE/EMC are not sponsor=
or endorsing either this survey or ICEMES.

A summary of results will be available to those who request it. The
summary can be requested by including your name and mailing address o=
e-mail address in your responses on the survey form.
All survey responses will be kept entirely confidential. Your individ=
response will be merged into an anonymous responses database. We will
NOT provide any information to be used for telemarketing, or sold or
rented to junk-mail list compilers.

If you have any questions about the survey, comments you=92d like to =
that don=92t fit in the survey format, or other questions about any o=
this, please e-mail them to [email protected] Thanks in advance for
your assistance.