Job Opening at Apple

reha.d ([email protected])
Mon, 14 Oct 96 16:45:15 -0700


My name is David Reha. I am the hiring manager for a position involving
applications support and library development for signal integrity tools
used here at Apple. If you are interested, you can reach me at
408-974-1919 or e-mail me at at [email protected] Following is a job

CAE/CAD Engineer - responsible for integrating and developing design and
analysis tools into the PCB design process. These responsibilities would
include integrating analysis CAD tools such as signal integrity
simulation tools, timing analysis tools into the existing PCB design
environment. Specific to signal integrity tools, work with third party
vendors to build, maintain and verify a library of spice and behavioral
models used for system level signal integrity analysis. Requires skills
in C, UNIX and UNIX shell scripting, excellent debugging skills. Requires
a strong knowledge of Spice, CAD tools and working with CAD data. Strong
communication skills and familiarity of the pcb design process is a plus.
BS EE/CS or equivalent job experience.


David Reha

Phone: (408) 974-1919
email: [email protected]