Package charcterization SW, S-I needs etc...

Yehuda D. Yizraeli ([email protected])
Mon, 30 Sep 96 16:23:31 EET


I am going to evaluate a S/W which will do the electrical and thermal
charaterization of packages we are using. All the recomendations the S/W house
can get were sent to me........ but have u heard of a S/W house without
references, namely i would like to hear ur suggestion of how do i quantify the
results i get from such S/W.
One option is to compare the results to a known model, then who is right
and who is wrong...?
Another aspect of this issue is WHAT IS IMPORTANT...?, namely what data
AND in what format do signal-integrity engineers need their input. Is a model
with R/L/C sufficient OR transmition line is a must {remember i am talking about
75Mhz in the near future and 100-125Mhz in a year or two from now}.
Can one of u recomend of a book for 'starter S-I engineer' to give me
the feeling of whats going on {Although i think i do understand it, deep
knowledge did not hurt anybody!!!}

Thanks in advance for ANY data, yehuda


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