RE: Modeling - Fast Tr

Fred ([email protected])
Fri, 6 Sep 1996 09:12:30 +0800

Brian you missed the point. S parameters are taken at particuliar operating points.
So now you have many tables of S parameters. The application is digital (mostly cmos)
totem pole topology. The goal is to simulate or analyze non linear effects in the time
domain. How many operating points do you have to take for a switching transistor? Remember
you want to characterize the tr/tf since thats important. IBIS I/V data can have say
100 points. By your method each would have to be thought of as an operating point....right.
S parameters may help you understand the characteristics at different non linear points
but it is not very easy to create a model from this data.....and you would be neglecting
the power supply ground bounce problem. I stick by my assertion S parameters are best
used for passive components in digital switching applications.

Best Regards,

Fred Balistreri