Re: Focussed on USING BC..

Larry Smith ([email protected])
Fri, 7 Jun 1996 16:15:36 -0700

I decided to take the direct approach and call Zycon. I spoke
with Mr John Young and he had some encouraging things to say.
BC business is really picking up with clock rates going over 100
MHz. High data rate communications applications can take
particular advantage of the technology.

I have compiled and forwarded to John the email from the si-list
pertaining to Zycon BC. Remembering that this is a technical
forum for the discussion of signal integrity (and not a
marketing forum), I would like to invite john to comment on
Zycon's BC technology. We would be interested in the materials,
dielectric constant, thickness, yield and reliability
implications, and maybe a few words on the manufacturing
techniques for integrating BC into a PCB.

In my opinion, the card power planes are going to have to take
over where the decoupling capacitors leave off. I think a lot
of us can benefit from this technology.

Larry D Smith
Sun Microsystems

> My collegue Jeff Moll stated the real reason for my inquiry on BC when
> he used the word "ignorance". I too have analyzed BC and as a result
> I'm a proponent of the technology. However, I've never actually used
> it.
> It would appear that I am not alone. The responses I have seen todate
> suggest that there is alot of interest (for valid technical reasons)
> and a vacuumn of actual experience - which piques my curriousity. Why
> folks? Could it be that the actual users of BC aren't on the si
> reflector? Or could it be that there are very few BC users?
> The folks on the si-list often have a large say in the technical
> requirements for a PCB vendor. We all know that not all PCB
> vendors are licensed for BC. There is probably an additional learning
> curve (translate that to mean more customer money) for every PCB even
> with an established BC vendor. Basically, adding BC means extra
> work/risk that I would like to quantify.
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