Who runs NEC under UNIX?

Dave Michelson ([email protected])
Fri, 10 May 1996 11:09:49 -0700 (PDT)

[email protected] (Gronum Smith) wrote:
> > Have you thought about putting out an X11 version of your software?
> >
> > Lots of people (like myself) run NEC under UNIX (or Linux) and
> > would love to have access to a preprocessor of the sort you
> > describe.
> Thank you for suggesting that. Maybe we can do something about that.
> Depending on the response we get from the Windows version. It would
> also be useful to know how many people use NEC under UNIX (any idea?)

While I suspect "quite a few" people use NEC under UNIX, I don't have
any numbers to pass on to Gronum.

So, if you use NEC under UNIX (or Linux) and would like to encourage
Gronum and his colleagues to consider putting together an X11 version
of their software, please let them know.

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