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Fabian Wai Lee Kung ([email protected])
Fri, 19 Apr 96 08:54:00 PDT

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Dr. Alani is right. Commercial electromagnetic field solver
programs are expensive due to the elaborate graphical user interface
incorporated into the softwares. Except for 2-Dimensional problems,
most 3-dimensional problems requires the user to have a strong
fundamental in EM theory to fully utilise the softwares capability. Try
to surf at In addition to general information on
electromagnetic compatibility, they have an impressive lists of both
commercial softwares and internet available codes.


Fabian Kung
Test Hardwares Development Engineer
Intel Technology Sdn Bhd
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Subject: Re: Xtalk/Zo tools
Author: [email protected] at SMTPGATE
Date: 4/18/96 8:43 AM

Hi all,
I don't think there is a cheap tool (depends of course on how cheap!)
that tackles signal integrity issues. I 've attended demos and collected
documents on these tools of which I can mention MQUAD, PNC, ANSOFT,
and Metacircuit but all are EXPENSIVE and you need to be very careful
in selecting the right one that meets your needs.


Dr. Alaa F. Alani
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> REGARDING Xtalk/Zo tools
> Hello SI engineers,
> Several times in the last couple of months I've been asked by customers if I
> can recommend an inexpensive tool which can calculate impedance,
crosstalk for
> all the available types of printed circuit board constructions.
We used CALIF
> from Mentor Graphics (previously sold by Integrity Engineering) here at
> Teradyne in the past. With CALIF we've had good luck correlating crosstalk
> and impedance calculations to empirical data.
> Are there any other accurate tools with a reasonable cost which the signal
> integrity community can share experiences on?
> Also, in the past five years I've attended several packaging, signal
> integrity, design conferences and the best overall has been Design Supercon
> (held every January in Santa Clara). It combines practical, real
world design
> experiences with education on high speed problems without getting too
> theoretical. Are there any other conferences like Design Supercon which the
> group can recommend?
> Thanks and regards,
> Fabrizio Zanella
> Signal Integrity Engineer
> Teradyne
> 44 Simon Street
> Nashua NH 03060
> Tel: 603-792-3542
> FAX: 603-791-3046
> Email: [email protected]

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