Signal integrity contract position

RodX Strange ([email protected])
Fri, 15 Mar 96 11:03:00 PST

OPEN POSITION: Signal Integrity contract engineer

Senior signal integrity engineer needed for a large x86 board
manufacturer in the Hillsboro/Beaverton OR area.

Looking for an experienced engineer with BS/MSEE and skills in the
following areas:

Topologies, termination, general t-wave understanding

SI tools - Quad, ICX, Spice, etc (one or more)

Practical knowledge not book knowledge

System engineer background (done system boards before)

Board design rules and practices, and specific design
directions, which maximize signal integrity at very high
speeds and slew rates.

The ideal candidate would be a self-motivated, teamwork-oriented

Interested individuals should forward a resume to:

[email protected] fax 503-628-2912
Stramond Corp
25780 SW Heaton
Newberg, OR 97132