Re: pc board AC noisemap standards

Samie Samaan ([email protected])
Mon, 11 Mar 96 14:07:00 PST

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If by "guidelines" you mean methodology for testing,then that's along
subject, which I do not have time to get into. But if you mean
specific numbers, then that is VERY Technology-specific for all four
points that you list. These (or some of these) numbers are usually
found in manufacturers' data books. Intel's do.

Samie Samaan
Intel, MD6

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Subject: pc board AC noisemap standards
Author: [email protected] at SMTPGATE
Date: 3/11/96 1:21 PM

Hi folks,
I am currently involved in defining company signal integrity standards for
verification testing of prototype pc boards.
Due to the varied digital component technologies (ie ttl, cmos,ecl) used
accross the our product lines, I am attempting to
define TECHNOLOGY INDEPENDENT guidlines for such things as:
-positive/negative overshoot/undershoot
-setup/hold margins
-transition region glitches
-Vcc AC variations on component pins

Any of you signal integrity guru's have any suggestions or ideas for

Thanks for any info!!!

p.s. I review my si-list email everyday. I enjoy following the communications

between si-list members, but
find choosing the favorable viewpoint to be most challanging!! Keep
it coming.

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