HFSS/Eminence User Group/Mail List Info

Ray Anderson ([email protected])
Fri, 16 Feb 1996 14:38:42 +0800

Just saw this listed on the sci.physics.electromag newsgroup.
Seems as if it may be of interest to some other si-list subscribers.

Ray Anderson
[email protected]

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>From [email protected] (Maria Kelly)
Newsgroups: sci.physics.electromag
Subject: HFSS/Eminence User Group
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 11:13:34 GMT

Hi all,
I thought some of you (any of you? ;) ) might be interested to know that
there is a HP HFSS and Ansoft Eminence user group, in the form of an email
mailing list, now in existance. Its been set up to allow users to discuss
problems, ask advice, and all the other things that the support lines don't
know the answer for ;-)

I have set up a web page for the group, which gives you a few details
and you can subscribe from there too.


If you think you might benefit from such a user group and you use these
FEM Electromagnetic simulation packages then please feel free to subscribe. If you
need any more info on the list please ask.


[email protected]

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