Re: Eye Patterns

Greg Edlund ([email protected])
Mon, 22 Jan 1996 17:33:51 -0600

>Greetings to All!
>I am wondering if there is a preferred method for simulation of eye
>patterns. I have seen only one vendor (Silvaco - "SmartSpice") who
>advertises this capability. I wonder if HSPICE or PSPICE have add-ons
>which I can purchase to allow accurate eye pattern simulation.
>Please let me know...what do you use?
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If I understand eye patterns correctly, a key component
is jitter. Wouldn't you need a REALLY good statistical
model for the IC, including the clock distribution, as
well as a simulator that efficiently handles Monte Carlo
analysis? The only IC vendor who handles Monte Carlo
analysis on a regular basis that I've seen is IBM, and
they have their own simulation language (ASTAP).

I'd be willing to bet not many people simulate eye patterns;
they probably try to get as close as they can and then
build some prototype hardware...

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