What a disappointment...

patrick conway (Patrick=Conway%Port=Perf%[email protected])
Fri, 19 Jan 96 18:20:22 CST

I have been an observer of this Discussion List for several months and
even though there
have been many interesting topics discussed on these pages the one that
caught my eye like no
other was the one posted last week with the subject "Hello! Favorite pubs?
". I usually do not
have much to contribute to the advanced engineering discussions which are
ongoing in this
group but this topic was one which I knew I had a lot of experience in!

It was with much disappointment that I learned that the topic,
although worthy of posting
and worthy of discussion, was not about establishments for public
gatherings. But you know-
that is certainly one good way of getting people to pay attention to your
posting! </:)

Patrick Conway
Compaq Computer Corp.
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Original Text
>From [email protected] (Gary), on 1/18/96 2:16 PM:
I just joined the list and was wondering what
peoples' favorite books, etc., are when it comes to designing
for signal integrity?

Also, if anyone out there has the list's mailing archived,
I'd like to get a copy of the "backissues".


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