RE: [SI-LIST] : Features to look for in an SI Tool

phelan, tony ([email protected])
Tue, 5 Oct 1999 10:54:47 -0400

I suggest you need:
1. Efficient interaction with your main routing tool.
2. Of course uses IBIS models for your devices.
3. Facilitiates easy implementation of "what-if" termination schemes.
4. Should be able to do floorplanning within tool.
5. Needs good topology control for your nets.
6. Should be able to synthesize (route) one net. Can then "probe" real
7. Should have good control over what "rules" are assigned and checked in
your design. This obviously includes things like distance, delay, spacing,
overshoot, undershoot etc. etc.

A neat feature of the tool I use (ICX) is that I can take my design, select
the area, nets etc that I am interested in, select them and then do "delete
unselected". This allows me to experiment in the area of interest with
everything else removed.
A not so neat feature I discovered recently is that for the purpose of
automatic synthesis I have a net connected to a BGA. I need to use a
different VIA on the "dog-bone" of the BGA to the vias I want to use outside
the confines of the BGA pacakage. With ICX I only seem to be able to specify
one via for synthesis. I am awaiting a response on this from the Vendor.

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I'm beginning to evaluate a SI Tool and to arrange a Demo using our
existing project.
Would anyone have some insight into what important features to look for in
an SI Tool.
I'm trying to differentiate between the nice-to-have and really-need
Any info is appreciated.

Daniel Roganti

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