[SI-LIST] : IEEE Paper

Douglas C. Smith ([email protected])
Fri, 17 Sep 1999 07:16:22 -0700

Hi All,

I have just received permission to post my 1998 IEEE EMC Symposium
paper, "Current Probes, More Useful Than You Think," on my website at
http://emcesd.com. The paper provides additional information that
supports this month's article on measuring voltages with current
probes. The pdf file is 170 kB and has MUCH better resolution than the
700 kB file on the Symposium CD-ROM because I made the pdf file from
the original Word file. It is linked from several locations on the
website, the first one is on the index page under technical goodies
for download. You should have Adobe PDF reader version 4 for best
results. It is available free from the Adobe site www.adobe.com

The only problem is that SiteAmerica, the webhosting company that I
use, has been having a problem with their server that has my site (and
many others as well). The server has been down most of the week and it
will be Saturday before it is up again. If it is, I will upload the
new files (one pdf and 4 html) on Sunday.


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