Re: [SI-LIST] : PCB design techniques for EMC control

Fred Dieckmann ([email protected])
Fri, 03 Sep 1999 10:30:36 -0700

Actually, there are several excellent text on PCB design for low EMI
radiation. Two of my favourites are "EMC and the Printed Circuit Board"
by Mark I. Montrose and "Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility"
by Clayton R. Paul. Good signal integrity usually makes for low EMI
and I highly recommend "High-Speed Digital Design" by Howard Johnson.
I have two copies of this one since one seems to wind up on loan at
any given time. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Johnson's
seminar. This is a man with a mission who does an excellent job at
conveying the subject to his audience. He is very entertaining and
second to none on the subject of signal integrity.

Two excellent magazines which examine the subject of EMI are Printed
Circuit Design"( and "Compliance Engineering"
(call 310/445-3770 for a subscription form).

There are many application notes and articles on the Web as well, is an excellent search engine for finding them.
I have pulled at least a couple of hundred pages from the web.
Look for ap notes at the major semiconductor houses websites.
I seem to recall National and Intel having some good ap notes
on EMI.

Lee Ritchey and Lee Hill are doing seminars through the University
of California at Berkeley Extension. Information on the courses are
at [email protected] or call 510/642-4151 or fax 510/642-6027
I hope this is a starting point for information and that someone will
point out any good stuff that I missed.

Fred Dieckmann

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