Re: Subject: [SI-LIST] : Power Distribution along a connector

Jon Keeble ([email protected])
Thu, 02 Sep 1999 12:03:40 -0700

The answer is - it depends.

What is the "benefit" of the "plane on the board and the plane on the =

Let's assume there are two planes: GND and PWR.

Broadly, planes do two things:
(1) distribute power, hopefully with lo DC resistance and LO hi
frequency impedance
(2) provide a well understood. continuous path for signal current to
return to source

The effect of a "break" in the power plane
(1) on power distribution will be small if the DC resistance is low,
and PWR-GND bypassing is adequate
(2) on signal return will depend on the where the return currents are
i.e. in which plane. If they are in the GND plane then there will be no
effect. If they are in the PWR plane, then these return currents will
attempt to pass through the "bridge" created by the fuse, which will
effectively lengthening the paths of the signals among other undesirable

One solution is to layup the board so all signals in the backplane
connector are on inner layers, sandwiched by two GND planes.

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From: Chris Bobek <[email protected]>
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Date: Saturday, August 28, 1999 7:06 AM
Subject: [SI-LIST] : Power Distribution along a connector

I am designing a 6U VME card that has power and grounds (both 3.3V
5V) distributed along the length of two connectors. So, if the
board is
a rectangle, you have a row of power pins along the long side (right
side) of the board.

There is a requirement to provide fuses for each power source. So,
means there has to be an intermediary plane that the connector pins
to that runs the length of the board. Then, at some point, let's
say in
the middle, a fuse bridges this plane to the power plane.

My question is, will adding this fuse negate all of the benfits we
of the plane on the backplane and the plane on the board, since all
positive current has to flow through this little fuse?

Does anyone have a better idea?



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