[SI-LIST] : About the AC analysis with HSPICE

Rachild Chen ([email protected])
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 17:05:19 +0800

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Hello,dear sir:

These days I am busy doing the simulation to get the evaluation for loss of the transmission line.Generally,the loss increases with frequency increation.I find it difficult to get a satisfying
result by doing the AC analysis with HSPICE.The reflections due to the high frequency are very terrific.What i did is:
.options brief = 0
.options scale = 1u
V5 nd_pin1 gnd AC 1v
.AC DEC 100.00 1K 1000MEG
R1 cpin1 gnd 100
Ws1 nd_pin1 gnd gnd cpin1 gnd gnd
+ Fsmodel=mother1 n=2 l=19000mil
.material copper1 metal conductivity=5.96e+7 $inner
.material copper2 metal conductivity=3.43e+7 $surface
.material die_1 dielectric er=4.5 losstangent=1.7e-2 conductivity=1.55e-7
.shape rect_1 rectangle width=10mil,height=1.38mil
.layerstack stack_1 layer=(copper1, 1.38mil) layer=(die_1, 20mil ) layer=(die_1, 20.87mil ) layer=(copper1, 1.38mil)
.Fsoptions wopt1 accuracy=high computegd=yes computers=yes computego=yes computero=yes printdata=yes gridfactor=3
*tline model(W_ELEMENT)

.model mother1 w modeltype=FieldSolver,layerstack=stack_1,fsoptions=wopt1,
+ rlgcfile='hmbstrip42.rlgc'
+ conductor= (material =copper1, shape=rect_1,origin=(0mil, 21.38mil))
+ conductor= (material =copper1, shape=rect_1,origin=(18mil,21.38mil))
*+ conductor= (material =copper1, shape=rect_1,origin=(28mil, 21.38mil))
*+ conductor= (material =copper1, shape=rect_1,origin=(39mil,21.38mil))

.PROBE AC VDB(cpin1,nd_pin1)