[SI-LIST] : RESULTS(8/6/99) to Proposal: Rs correlation/collabora

Mellitz, Richard ([email protected])
Fri, 6 Aug 1999 05:27:15 -0700

Here is the data I have compiled for Rs predictions so far (8/6/99).
Thanks to all who participated in this study.
Richard Mellitz, Intel
Problem Microstrip Geometry:
6 mil wide
+------------+ 1 mil thick
4 mil = height

sigma=5.8e7 mho/m


Equation: signal + ground
Rs= 1.806e-3 Ohms/(sqrt(Hz).meter)
Equation: signal alone
Rs= 1.455e-3 Ohms/(sqrt(Hz).meter)
R0= 4.454 Ohms/meter
SIMPEST (COMPAC) (lossy ground plane, high frequency asymptote)
Rs= 1.3555e-3 Ohms/(sqrt(Hz).meter)
RO= 4.519685 Ohms/meter
AP SIM (lossy ground plane, curve fit value)
Rs= 1.245e-3 Ohms/(sqrt(Hz).meter)
R0=5.346 Ohms/meter
ANSOFT (lossy ground plane, curve fit value)
Rs= 1.279e-3 Ohms/(sqrt(Hz).meter)
R0= 4.45 Ohms/meter
SIMIAN Version 2.1 tool developed at the University of Texas, Austin (lossy
ground plane, curve fit value)
Rs= 1.419.e-3 Ohms/(sqrt(Hz).meter)
R0= 4.454 Ohms/meter
Quad Design's XFX (universe =50 mils, Lambda =1, Integral Mode, multiplying
by sqrt(2*pi))
Rs= 1.314E-3 Ohms/(sqrt(Hz).meter)
R0= 4.456 Ohms/meter
HSPICE 98.4 field solver
RS= 7.26284e-04 Ohms/(sqrt(Hz).meter)
RO= 4.37069 Ohms/meter

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