Re: [SI-LIST] : RE: RESULTS to Proposal: Rs correlation/collaboration

Laurence Michaels ([email protected])
Thu, 5 Aug 1999 11:14:22 -0400

The effect in this case seems to increase the Rs by the square root of
6, or in other words,

Rs ( Lambda =6 ) of 1.284E-3 Ohms/(sqrt(Hz).meter)
divided by Rs ( Lambda =1 ) of 5.241E-4 Ohms/(sqrt(Hz).meter)
is approximately equal to 2.45, which is close to the square root of 6.

The reason for the square root of lambda being the multiplier is left as
an exercise for the reader. [Translation: I'm not sure.]

[1] _XTK-TLC User's Manual - REV 12_, "XFX Input", p. 16-17, Quad Design
Technologies, November 1996.

Laurence Michaels

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