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Juergen Kuehnel ([email protected])
Tue, 03 Aug 1999 15:32:01 -0700

Hi Larry,

your questions raised some interesting discussions here at NSC, and the
is that we do not have (I knew that upfront) neither plan to do duals or
in the 1GHz range.
The reasons are:
+ do design a dual (or worse a quad) amplifier of that speed would be a
nightmare due to crosstalk at those speeds involved: The die is simply
to small
to not get influences of all kind from one to the other.
+ We could do a 'compound monolithic', where more than one die is
mounted, just
to get the distance between amplifiers. That on the other hand would
cost significantly, as those compounds are subject to doubble the
failure in
each step(!) compared to a single. We also could not bond out the CLC449
as a
dual, there would be crossbonding (bondwire accross the die), which is
forbidden because of obvious reasons.

So we stick with what we have and run improvements on them, rather than
to do the almost impossible.

Larry, what is the background for your question, if I may ask?
Is it cost? Or is it rather space you are concerned about?

I really would like to know to get a better feeling on this issue.

Thank you!!

Best regards - Viele gruesse - Ciao - Au revoir

Juergen Kuehnel
Amplifier Marketing Europe

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We have been using the National CLC449 Ultra-Wideband Op Amp
(GBW=1.5GHz) in a test fixture for some time now and have been very
pleased with its performance. Now we would like to build a fixture that
utilizes op amps of similar performance (GBW>1GHz) but in a dual or
preferably a quad package. Does anyone out there know if such an animal
exists yet?

Larry McMillan

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