[SI-LIST] : HSTL voltage levels

fabrizio zanella ([email protected])
Fri, 30 Jul 1999 9:14:02 -0400

can someone share experiences with using HSTL as an I/O buffer for driving
point to point at 100MHz and faster? What confuses me are the Vref and Vtt
values specified in the HSTL Jedec spec and in data sheets from
manufacturers - Vref=0.9v, Vtt=1.5v. I have performed some measurements
and simulations with the specified Vref level of 0.9V and it does not make
sense, the signal swings I see are from 0.7 to 2.5V, therefore there is no
margin at the low side. Is it possible to change Vref to 1.5V, like with
SSTL and GTLP technologies?

thanks very much,

Fabrizio Zanella
EMC, Hardware Engineering
[email protected]
508-435-2075, x4645

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