Re: [SI-LIST] : Best type of models, edge rates & load

Roy Leventhal ([email protected])
Mon, 26 Jul 1999 17:02:51 -0500


I certainly vote for V-T curves. By insisting on them from vendors in more than
one instance was able to help them (recently) qualify in a product use where
otherwise they wouldn't.

Must have touched nerve or two on when (still am not clear on how) we migrated
from 10%-90% to 20%-80% (with leanings towards 30%-70% by some). I really don't
care all that much since V-T curves have come along and are clearly better. But,
V-T curves are just beginning the process of common adoption. Meanwhile, common
standards used to help us communicate. I say junk em' if we don't agree what
they are.

I recall parts of this discussion being just over the point of measurement
conditions and definitions. Good grief, if we're going to spend time discussing
the standards we ought to understand each other and what is involved in the
discussion. I confess I still don't understand the conventions on Vmeas and
buffer delay from the previous discussions.

Besides, we all love standards,. That's why we have so many of them.


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