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BILL ANTHONY ([email protected])
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 01:18:05 -0400

Ritesh Kapahi:

Here is the Capacitor you are after An X2Y Balanced line Capacitor / IPD

1. It is a (4) terminal Unit A+B + GnD1+Gnd2 in 0805, 1206, etc. Packag=
2. It will replace your (2) X (2) L-C or R-C Units as an I/O or Dual Lin=
3. No "Wall" up and beyond 2 GHz range +
4. In a Circuit, there is no measurable inductance from the Chip
5. Multiple Decouplers will be eliminated along with supporting passives
and Traces.
6. No licensing restrictions, fees or Hassles when using X2Y on PCB,
Connectors, Daughter Cards, on board Filtering
7. If you decide use X2Y =93In or On-IC Package/Container", just call us.

8. X2Y Placement recommendations:

1.) A - Terminal at line In or Out
2.) B- Terminal at the Opposite In/Out of A Line
3.) The (2) GnDs soldered to small area of Floating GnD, but not PCB
Chassis GnD for Decoupling.
X2Y Caveats:

1.) No Spice Program available yet, too new.
2.) No one will believe what you have found and "they" will say it cannot=
3.) You will save a ton of Money and increase your system reliability and
4.) You will reduce passive component & supporting traces & VIAs that
accommodated them
5.) You will be able to implement X2Y, universally, on your entire board.
6.) The savings will be substantial and you will have a product with
significant performance and economic advantages over your competitors
7.) "They" (the ones who say =93no way=94 as a learned Pavlovian response=
, will
be wrong on all counts.

I have only worked in the Electronics industry for 3 years and I have yet
found a need to spout the =93Vapor Ware + Product Performance Lie=94 pitc=
h to
anyone, ever. I am quite confident I can maintain my personal and
professional integrity because the X2Y Architecture and circuit combinati=
actually do what I say it does. That makes it easy for me on all counts.

However, I am also a realist. I am by no means simplistic. I realize that
all SI-Guys are rightfully, quite jaded. SI-Guys are a hardy breed that o=
the "1,000 yard stare" of a combat veteran because they are ALWAYS lied t=
by every new =93paradigm=94 that comes along every few weeks. (I will onl=
y use
this word once.) But Who am I to say? Therefore:

1.) Call or email us get samples
2.) Follow the X2Y placement recommendations, See for yourself.
3.) No cost for samples, we will ship them right to you
4.) We do not make the Units; we just license our 22+ Patents and Patent
Pendings to the capacitor manufacturers.
5.) You Big OEMS have the clout to get anyone currently supplying you to
=93encourage=94 your supplier to a modest license if you need to.
6.) You cannot use a standard (2) Port Network Analyzer to characterize X=
You need a 3-Port device for proper measurements
7.) If X2Y is placed under an IC Package, the final number of decouplers
replaced by (1) X2Y Unit is still unknown.
8.) We have Data run by a large OEM showing 11 decoupling caps + resistor=
replaced with (1) X2Y 1206 @ 100 nF.

To do the same as the OEM, run all I/O's to IC from X2Y and only use (1)
set of I/O out to Power from X2Y out to Supply & Return. Use an isolated =
Floating GnD Area under the X2Y of about 2mm x 2mm and make sure both X2Y
GnD Terminals are attached to same GnD Pad. This small area works with th=
internal GnD Planes as a "0" reference GnD for the Decoupling Operations =
need. X2Y in X7R will switch as fast as your IC Package.

X2Y uses what was discussed a month or so ago, the 20-H rule for interna=
shields of A + B electrodes as just one element of the total make up to
suppresses strays within the unit and simultaneously it will cancel CM/DM
Noise of the line conductors passing within the x2Y unit with the "0" GnD
image plane.

A Preliminary Test Run of Decoupling effectiveness is located here for down loading in Adobe PDF.
All Testing was done by the OEM, not X2Y.

Our current licensed manufacturer is Syfer Technology Ltd., Norwich,

Best Regards,

Bill Anthony

William M. Anthony <mailto:[email protected]>

X2Y Attenuators, LLC.

East Coast: * West Coast:

2700 W.21st.St., Ste 11 * 1812 Navy St

Erie, PA 16506-2972 * Santa Monica, CA 90405

OFF: (814) 835-8180 * OFF: (310) 822-9876

FAX: (814) 835-9047 * FAX: (310) 396-5611

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> Hi all
> I am currently designing a board with multiple Gigabit Ethernet
> chips and I
> am looking for some decoupling capacitors which are good beyond
> GHz range. I
> went through lots of materials for ceramic capacitors even the low
> inductance ones but the effective capacitance comes down
> drastically as the
> frequency goes beyond 100MHz. Can somebody help me with some
> pointers on the
> same
> Thanx
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