RE: [SI-LIST] : response to semiconductor I/O edge rates

Abe Riazi ([email protected])
Sat, 17 Jul 1999 11:30:26 -0700

>Chris Rokusek wrote:
> > Does anyone know a signal integrity simulator that is up to snuff
> > on IBIS 3.2
> > especially with regard to the conventions on programmable devices and has
> > automated the handling of such parts?
> XTK from Viewlogic supports the IBIS 3.x features [Model Select] allowing
> pin configuration decisions to be made at runtime w/o having to edit the
> text files.
> Chris

Hi Chris:

I have found the IBIS2XTK program to be efficient for conversion of
IBIS models based on version 2.1.

However, it appears that the program has more limitations for
converting IBIS models which are created in accordance with version 3.x.
For example, recently I had to convert an IBIS model, version 3.1, of
a CMOS Bus Switch. The XTK models which resulted after execution of
IBIS2XTK required significant manual editing to become functional.


Abe Riazi
[email protected]


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