Re: [SI-LIST] : even-odd mode influence

Douglas McKean ([email protected])
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 17:42:16 -0700

At 08:27 PM 7/15/99 +0100, Adrian Shiner wrote:
>You are right, but the real world is that you get both in some proportion
no matter how you think you have designed in one mode. Can't answer on the
>PCB scale, box scale, system scale, the fundamentls remain the same. The
engineering changes a bit. It strikes me that some younger guys out there
are relying on their college education & software tools too much. Get
reading and
>talking to the guys with grey and thin(ning hair)! Experience counts and
pride in one's education comes before a fall (to distort a well known
phrase or saying!).

Can't imagine someone trying to design for only one
mode. The question pertained to "effect". The other
effect are differences in impedance between even and
odd being almost 30%. Something to consider. Well,
maybe since no one has brought it up.

I didn't hear about even or odd mode impedances until
10 years after the university and that was over 15 years
ago. And I've got more than enough of the grey hair.

But thanks for trying to call me a "younger guy".

Much appreciated!!!

Regards, Doug McKean

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