Re: [SI-LIST] : Question about Multiple PWBA Ground

Douglas McKean ([email protected])
Thu, 08 Jul 1999 15:34:45 -0700

I've laid out boards for telco that the designers
absolutely demanded to be floating on the secondary.
Their reasoning was to prevent low freq loop currents.

Also, simply putting many ground connections from
the board to chassis may not help either. You have
to consider a "noise profile" of the board and
install ground connections appropriately.

Regards, Doug McKean

At 01:41 PM 7/7/99 -0400, Spencer, David H wrote:
>I am curious about multiple ground points on a PWBA. Assuming a typical 4
>layer PWBA (8x8), with power and ground planes, mounted to a shield via
>metal stand-offs (or screw to pad on the board). The ground plane is
>connected to the metal plate with 4-10 screws (I am trying to keep this as
>generic as possible).
>My question is regarding any drawbacks to this configuration. Is there any
>reason not to use multiple connections to chassis; rather than, the ground
>plane connected back through the LVPS.
>This configuration is becoming common place these days.
>I am kind of scouting around for technical reasons for and against this
>David Spencer

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